Stand Up Paddle - NC/SC

Spreading the stoke of Stand Up Paddling on the lakes of NC and SC

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Hey Tom will you post the address for any new takers
400 Beaten Path Road
Mooresville, 28117
When you google map this you should see a  white beach using the satellite view.  That is where we will be.  There is a parking lot for boats and cars that Tom opens for parking across the street.
Thanks Rob. I'll be there early to direct traffic. Look forward to seeing everyone.
That looks like Rob in the video on their site... I have no clue who they are but would like to find out. I'm getting some SUP board purchase inquiries, and I would like to direct them to a legitimate dealer if there is one. I'm excited to see this.. I hope they have a retail shop, or at least a mobile shop...

Hey Travis, I just sent you a message, looking forward to meeting soon!  

Thanks for the support!


Hey Travis, that video was from Thursday.  Rob Bennett of Aloha paddle has been meeting out by Vinnies every Thursday at 6  and getting some new people involved in the sport.  He is carrying RRD boards and would be a good contact to send people to if they are interested in a board.   Rob


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