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Spreading the stoke of Stand Up Paddling on the lakes of NC and SC

Anyone up for a Sunday session? Name the time and place!

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Looks like Saturday will my chance Tom, have a good one... I'll get in touch if I can pull Sunday too
What time were you looking at for Saturday? Late afternoon would be best for me.
Mike, I dont think I will be able to make it for a paddle this weekend. Got too much going on. Hope you are able to get out. If anything changes, I will give you a call.
got it
OK anyone else, we're meeting at 10:30 Sunday Ramsey creek. Have a route laid out about 4.5 miles
Do you have the address?
18441 Nantz Road
Cornelius, NC 28031

Take a right off Hwy 73 after you pass Jetton Rd
Pretty big crew heading that way tomorrow!
I was able to sneak an hour session in today. Besutiful!
I'm up in the air for Sunday...depends on when my wife gets back from out of town and I have the kids. Likely an afternoon paddle for me but will show if I can.
Sounds like you're feeling better. Hope you can make it .


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