Stand Up Paddle - NC/SC

Spreading the stoke of Stand Up Paddling on the lakes of NC and SC

Going to this event:


Going to be a fun event and one for the whole family....I hope more LKN paddlers can go!

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Oh Yeah! That is going to be a blast.
This sounds fun!  Does anyone know of any upcoming races closer to Lake Norman? I am new to the sport and this would be my first race. Also, anyone know of a Tahoe Bliss for sale?
Hi Susan. I have been considering selling my Tahow Bliss and could meet you if you would like to demo the board.
Hi Kris. Would love to demo. Call me to set up and discuss. C#704-408-6115.
Mac, let's plan a sup race locally......I'm sure RJ would be willing to help plan something....
My family & I will be there on Saturday - can't wait!
Jennifer, look forward to meeting you. My family and I will be there too. Look for the 2 little blonde rug rats and taller older sister.

I hate we didn't get to meet - we were just getting into town but had a blast all week.  It was my first stand up experience & I ended up going back to HIB to rent that sweet Tahoe Bliss.  Hopefully we'll cross paths around LKN now that I'm hooked. :) 

Here's what you missed....everyone should attend this next year...great event:



Mac, that's awesome! You must have the whole family training over there in Mooresville! Great shots and great update on the event! Man, LKN representin'!



What a great read, congrats to all. Seems like the entire field hailed from the LKN area.
Ha just about was. This was 1st year and not any marketing behind it...hence low turnout but I think the organizers now see what this can be and they're excited....bigger push next year for promoting it.


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