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I'm selling a Futures carbon race fin for your SUP board. This was on my 14' Hobie. It's a Jamie Mitchell design. Lightweight, 10" carbon fin. Retails for $120. Would like to get $60 for it. Feel free to e-mail me at

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Products Description:


Words From Jamie: The thing I tried to perfect with the JM Battle of the Paddle fin was versatility... When racing in and out of the surf zone you need a lot of things out of your fin. You need a fin that will keep your board stable. That will maximize the amount of strokes you can do each side without changing to often. And to be able to step back and turn the board quickly and be stable while doing it. We have achieved it all with this fin.

If you require the lightest Racing fin for your BOP races? Then this is the fin for you. This carbon model comes in at a feather weight of 6.98 oz. (198 g) compared to the fiberglass model at 10.1 oz. (285 g).


Material: Carbon

Fin Dimensions:

Height: 9.25 in - 23.5 cm
Base: 6.00 in - 15.2 cm
Area: 40.00 in - 258.1 cm

Dude I'll take it.

Mike R

Hey what's up Mike. I'm working out near your house now, University area. I work off Research Ctr Drive at TIAA-CREF. If your home around 5ish, I could probalby swing it by one day. Give me a call or text at 704-615-8409.

Let's shoot for Friday, I'll be there.

sorry Mike. I just saw this message. You going to be around this weekend? Or I can plan for Mon or Tuesday after work. Let me know.

Monday will be good. Thx travis


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